Pain Relief

I have been a regular patient at various Chiropractors throughout my 9 years of being a professional rugby player.  I was one of the lst ones to recognize the value a Chiropractor could add to my career.  Being in the front row also gave my spine a pounding and I started seeing Chiropractors about 3 times a week….I met Dr Armbruster in March 2003.  He immediately showed me how inflexible my spine had become and that I had lost some speed because of this.  I could only do a ½ squat and my groins was in constant agony.  My 1st treatment was very different and could not understand the procedure.  The result was amazing.  I felt my spine relax and my breathing became much deeper.  At practice I could feel my running was more effortless and suddenly my pace was back.  The biggest difference was in our stabilizing classes where I could do a full squat without any assistance.

OR,  Professional Rugby Player, Springbok


My husband Ray was told that he needed extensive surgery on his back in December 2001.  A friend recommended that he see Dr. Mark Armbruster before making any decisions as he was having amazing results from Network Spinal Analysis.  At this stage Ray could not put his own shoes on, and was on painkillers continuously.  He started by going to Dr Mark 3 times a week and has taken only one painkiller in the two and a half years since.



During the month of July 2003 MRI scans were taken of my back.  The recommendation of a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon was to have an operation to fuse 2 or more vertebrae as the only possible solution to my back problem….Before seeing Dr. Armbruster my left leg would suddenly give way 3-4 times a day and I could not play tennis or hike any more.  …I am playing tennis and hiking again, my neck is also much more mobile and I can now reverse my car without any problems.



I have since a young girl experienced sever migraine headaches for which I took medication regularly, I no longer use this and have not had need of any other preparation for a number of years now, this I can only attribute to the adjustments.



Chronic upper back pain, (related to my work as a dentist) From my first visit to Dr. Armbruster's rooms I had relief from pain and with subsequent visits there were marked improvement I my condition.  After an adjustment there is noticeable relief of pain and one feels calm and relaxed. 

Dr.GPC, Dental Surgeon


Before being introduced to Dr. Mark Armbruster, I suffered from severe upper back pain for over 10 years, resulting in my having continuous treatment from a physio-therapist and relying on pain killers to get through the day.  In my job as an interior decorator & designer this stressful problem added to an already stressful life style which the medical profession appeared unable to remedy.  I first met Dr. Armbruster approximately 1 year ago and after the first 2-3 treatments of Network Spinal Analysis I was pain-free and the stress to my mind and body had eased to an acceptable level. However I persevered with the treatment and today I suffer no back pain, headaches or stress caused from continual discomfort. I have not had to resort to any from of pain killer for the last year.