Posture Changes

I have come to understand that because of the continued releasing the body does during and after being adjusted our bodies are able to heal on their own, and this has been my experience. I have found that not only has my posture changed, my sleeping patterns have improved, and dealing with the ongoing stress of day to day life feels less challenging on all levels.……… My posture and my life changed because of this therapy.   



As a dancer my posture has completely changed due to my improved spinal alignment.  My entire family enjoys the healing effects of Network Chiropractic adjustments. I have sent many of my students who have also reported incredible results.



.. My posture has improved and I have also had a marked improvement in the flexibility of my spine and the bump where my back meets my neck is noticeably smaller.



Mark started his adjustments, which at first take some getting used to ie. the soft touch to focus on.  After a month my family could see the change taking place.  As my spine began to re-adjust the pains and discomfort moved to different parts of my back.



My migraines are a thing of the past and so is the medication.  I was put on.  My spine has been completely straightened over period of 2 ½ years so much so that all my family and friends comment.



My son John was diagnosed with scoliosis of his spine at the age of 15.  To our horror we were told by the medical profession that the only known way to treat the disorder was to place metal rods on either side of his spine when he reached maturity.  Not a happy prospect.  Luckily at the age of 23 he was introduced to Dr Armbruster and today boasts a straight and comfortable spine.